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Upcoming Sales

Early consignments for Friday, March 5th;

*Cow herd dispersal- David Moll

   40 head of Black Angus & Angus cross cows, mostly spring calves bred to top Angus Bulls, calving now with 5 calves on the ground.

*280 blk & bwf calves off 1 ranch, 500 to 700 lbs, LTW, 2x shots, green and fancy!

*60 fancy Char-Angus cross calves, LTW, Vacc, 400-600 lbs

*60 mixed yearling steers, 850 lbs, 1 load

*30 head of blk strs & hfrs, LTW & vacc. , 600-800 lbs

*20 head of blk strs & hfrs, LTW & vacc., 600 -800 lbs

*35 head of blk steers, LTW weighing in the 600 range

expecting 1000 head


For upcoming sales, we will be open for business - but not business as usual. Due to Covid-19, we are taking precautions for the health and well being of our staff and customers. To comply with the mandates of Miami County that limit the crowd size - we are asking you to please only enter the building if you are a buyer. If you are a seller please drop off your consignments only. If you need to pick up a check please call the office for arrangements.

The Cafe will be closed until further notice. We will let you know when it is back open.


Thank you for your cooperation in this matter.

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