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Working for you!  Family owned and operated since 1999.

Located in Paola, KS, we've grown to be one of the most reputable livestock auctions in the region with cattle coming from all over eastern Kansas as well as western counties in Missouri.  Our market has consistently been one of the strongest in the region.  We achieve this by offering high quality cattle from local producers to a range of buyers throughout the state.


Our goal is to work hard and run a fair, honest, and reputable operation for our buyers and sellers.  Our success can be contributed to our loyal customers, and we thank you for your business over the last 20+ years.  We also would like to thank all of our new customers who have given us the opportunity to sell their cattle.


We are also proud to support the local community.  From putting base prices under all the animals at the Miami County fair auction to donations to local youth organizations, we are happy to help the community that has helped us over years.  


With your support, we look forward to many more years in the livestock auction business.


- The Bourquins

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